The Mummy (2017): A Big Confusing Piece of A Puzzle

The Mummy (2017): A Big Confusing Piece of A Puzzle

Go back to Ancient Egypt and meet Princess Ahmanet here.

So wherever you are, please don’t forget to search for something that have value in the market, no matter it is, or whether it will cost your life. Or make you cursed. Well, meet our “hero” Sergeant Nicholas Morton (Tom Cruise), who is despite being in Iraq for his mission, he also searches for historical artifacts that have value at the Black Market. Alongside his bestfriend Corporal Chris Vail (Jake Johnson), he unintentionally opens up the gate into a tomb for an exiled Ancient Egyptian Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who has been mummified alive and exiled to Mesopotamia after she killed her own father.

When archaeologist Jennifer Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) thinks this is her life finding, she wants to take the sarcophagus back to the US. At the plane, she just realizes that it is maybe a mistake taking the sarcophagus back, since the plane then crashes after being attacked by crows (literally). However, since this is a Tom Cruise movie and he is also our “said to be The Chosen One”, then he is being brought to life without any scratch. Voila! Discovering he might be cursed by Ahmanet for releasing her from her prison, Nick suddenly wakes up in a group of archaeologist led by the mysterious Dr Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe). Despite explaning to Nick the reason why he is being resurrected from his death, Dr Jekyll shows his true other personality, whom you surely can guess, Mr. Hyde.

This is not the only strangeness we can find in this movie. I mean, there’s so many pieces of puzzle that needed to be arranged in order to make this movie understandable. Just trying to compare it with the previous The Mummy franchise in early 2000s starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, this movie is lost most of its adventurous nature. This movie is just like a story about someone who’s being cursed but successfully turns the curse into superpower that makes him a savior for this world. This movie also maybe just a beginning of the upcoming installments, but it is a confusing beginning. There’s so many questions left behind, like how can Dr Jekyll still live until now? What is his true role in this franchise, because to be honest, you should not just cast Russell Crowe for just standing and showing his other monstrous side that is not frightening at all?

I don’t wanna comment about Tom Cruise. His cast is like putting Ethan Hunt in the Mummy franchise. He’s just being Tom Cruise, a die-hard superhero that shows no special ability other than being handsome. Sofia Boutella should steal the screen, I suppose, her build and her performance is truly frightening, but the script is bad. So instead of being a scary queen of evil, she just looks like a desperate woman searching for a man to resurrect her God of Death, Set. Her power is dominantly CGI, and her final battle against Cruise is a big let down. Not to mention the disappointing Annabelle Wallis that I prefer she just died since she has no wittiness of Rachel Weisz on the previous franchise. 

I give this movie 6.8/10. All for Sofia Boutella’s beautiful eyes and Tom Cruise’s ripped body.


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