King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword (2017): Not Good, Not Bad, Just Frustrating

King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword (2017): Not Good, Not Bad, Just Frustrating

Here‘s the movie official website.

After a lot of stories, books and movies about King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table, this movie probably wants to mix up the classic story with the taste of 2017. With lots of (ehem, useless) CGIs, grandeur scenes on trailers and Ritchie’s successful latter movies like The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015) and Sherlock Holmes (2009), this movie looks promising at the beginning, and turns to be a failed combination of the legend itself and The Lord of The Rings-styled CGIs.

Starts with The King Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana), who successfully defended his fortress Camelot from the attack of the evil sorcerer Mordred (the real Mordred is actually Arthur’s illegitimate son, said the legend). Soon, Uther Pendragon is betrayed by his own ambitious brother Lord Vortigern (Jude Law) and drifted the young Arthur away Baby-Moses-styled into Thames. Here’s where I start to eat my popcorn and wonder why my popcorn tastes sweet although I’m asking for a butter popcorn from the cinema snack counter, since the movie is getting to ruin itself. 

So shortly the young Arthur grows up to a ripped (not-so) young man (Charlie Hunnam), who is capable to combat thanks to the training he got from his early ages from The Kungfu George (Tom Wu). He makes trouble with the Vikings and since the Vikings are supported by King Vortigern himself, Arthur should leave the town immediately. However, he is taken by Vortigern’s Blackleg army, who deemed he is “at the right age” to fulfill the prophecy of the right born King, the heir of Uther Pendragon’s throne and the only person who can pull out the legendary sword Excalibur from the stone. So he is taken to the sword area, supervised by the charming Blackleg captain played by David Beckham, and as you can guess, he can pull out the sword but he passed out after that. 

And I can’t push myself to continue my review since I really wanna cry. Omg I don’t have any idea why they did such things to one of the finest legendary King? Well maybe the legend of King Arthur has been too often adapted before and Guy Ritchie wants a slightly different adaptation with his patented projection montages. On the other hand, that projection montages where the character games out to us what situation should or could develop has been used too often and it doesn’t suit the movie like this. It probably suits Ritchie’s other movies, and I admit that it suits Sherlock Holmes very well, but it doesn’t suit this movie. And what’s the real meaning of King Arthur’s legend of you can’t meet Merlin? In this movie, Merlin’s role as Arthur’s mentor is substituted by a young and beautiful Mage (Astrid Berges-Frisbey), who has casted out a snake (the last gigantic snake is overrated) a little bit too often. Charlie Hunnam feels nothing like royalty, actually can be understood since he is raised on the brothel, but the costume designer gave him clothes that makes him looked like a hobo ready to perform street arts. However, over all the bad things that came out from this movie, Jude Law plays his role believably good. His emotion and his ambition can be felt and convincing enough, but his script is totally garbage, so it wasted all the moods he has built perfectly.

So if you think that The Hobbit has been chopped out into a trilogy is overdone, you should think of what this movie would look like since Ritchie wants to make it into a six series movie! And I give this movie 5/10. 


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