The Circle (2017): Probably the 2017 Greatest Letdown 

Here’s the movie official website.

So when we first saw the trailer of The Circle, we already know that the big theme of this movie is about the dystopian future where every person’s data is stored on the net (they call it The Cloud) and accessible to anyone. Goodbye privacy, huh? We have seen and known this theme since Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s A Brave New World, and some of the latest few dystopian movies. Enter those science fiction movies like The Social Network (2010) and The Net (1995) where even everything you share on the internet can be used by anyone. TV series Person of Interest (2011-2016) has better view of this kind of future, where the government can have eyes on every citizen and use their data on every single interest they need. 

That idea, where every data you shared on internet can be used for any purpose is what The Circle is really about. However, here’s we met Mae Holland (Emma Watson), a smart girl who has been recruited as customer service officer at Google or Apple-like corporation called The Circle. At first, Mae is living her life like usual, not long until two cheerful managers of The Circle come up to her and ask why she didn’t join their weekend activities? When Mae said she should help her mother (Glenne Headly) taking care of her sick father (Bill Paxton), the managers keep checking at their tablets and reveal that Mae loves kayaking and her father is having a multiple sclerosis. Getting creepy? 

The Circle, on the other hand, also has a culture of sharing on Friday, called Dream Friday. Their employees usually gather on a giant auditorium where there is sharing session of innovation by the company CEO, Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks). At her first Dream Friday, Bailey is introducing their new technology called SeeChanges, a wireless camera that connected to the satellite and can see everything in the real time. Feeling unconfortable, Mae decides to go kayaking at the Bay. Unfortunately, the water starts to ripple and causes her to slip down her kayak. She is saved by the water patrol, thanks to the SeeChanges camera that put to actually watch the seal activity. The next friday, Mae is invited to Dream Friday session and she declares she wants to use camera on her shirt to start sharing her 24/7 activities.

The idea of poster girl in Mae really reminds me of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series (2012-2015). However, this movie lacks its powerful moment, despite of their stellar casts. The Circle is trying to give fear to audiences that their data on the internet can be used to strip their privacy off themselves, but they’re completely failed. The story is going nowhere, doesn’t give us a proper climax, and the casts are giving a very bad script. Emma Watson did a great job with burying her British Accent, but she lacks of passion. She doesn’t even look smart, if you compare Mae to her Hermione persona. Tom Hanks doesn’t look like a villain, but after all, who ever thought Tom Hanks would be a proper cast for a villain? Under his smiley and charming face, he is adorable as the CEO, but he strikes nothing as a main villain. I thought he even didn’t get the stage to act villainous due to poor script. The whole movie should tell us about terrifying future, but it failed successfully. It even wastes their stellar casts.

I give this movie 5.9/10.


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