Power Rangers (2017): Saved by Rita Repulsa

The movie site is here.

So, what do you think will be happened if five teenagers gather and gain some magical powers? If you think of a disaster, well, this movie is kind of disaster, at least to your childhood memories, 90s kids!

This movie begins with five not-so-perfect high school students: Jason Scott (Dacre Montgomery), a retired quarterback, Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott, that looks like the combination of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt), an once popular girl who troubles herself with her friends, Billy Cranston (RJ Cyler), an autistic genius, Zack (Ludi Lin), try-to-be-so-cool guy who looks after his sick mom and Trini Kwan or Didi (Becky G), a queer girl who question her sexuality. They once discover magical crystal contains of five coins with different colors. They try to reveal the secret underneath the coins that seem to give them extra superpowers, though the superpowers have nothing to do at the half end of this movie, until they find an alien spaceship with, yes you’re right, Alpha (Bill Hader) and Zordon (Bryan Cranston) in it.

The movie then dragged forcefully into drama within those five teenagers whether they were really meant to be Power Rangers or not, while on the other side, Rita Repulsa (played by our dear Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games series, Elizabeth Banks) awakens. With her Gothic Queen performance at first, she collects golds from any sources, from homeless’ teeth until jewelry stores, and also her power to create her most powerful and most beautiful monster she called Goldar. She intends to take the Earth’s Zeo Crystal, a key to Morphing Grid Dimension where Lord Zedd lives. As she becomes more powerful and gains her confidence back, she turns her appearance into something more like glamorous punk female rocker and makes me wonder why there isn’t a punk rock band that uses her name as their stage name.

Then well, suddenly the rangers gains their conscience and realizes they have become friends to each other and voila! They can morph into the Power Rangers, use their Zords to battle Rita’s monsters Putties and join each other to form a Megazord to fight Goldar. Yeay. Everyone’s clapping, including the girls beside me, and I just realize that this movie is boring. I secretly wish that Rita Repulsa can beat them somehow, and for the first time the villain wins. It just doesn’t make sense for me that the rangers should go so many dilemma and hard times just to claim their rights to become Power Rangers. The coins chose them already, and Zordon knows that they are the chosen people. So why spend almost half of the movie just to tell that they’re fight so hard for their rights to be the rangers? Instead of that, I think they should be more focused on the background story why Rita Repulsa should take the Zeo Crystal, or the special power that each ranger has within their Zords and their costumes. If you’re not 90s kids, maybe you have no idea that Red Ranger rides a Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, Pink Ranger rides a Pterodactyl Dinozord, Blue Ranger rides a Unicorn Dinozord, Yellow Ranger rides a Triceratops Dinozord and Black Ranger rides a Mastodon Dinozord.

This movie is rated PG-13, so be careful while your kid’s watching it. This is just gonna fulfill your thirst of a battle of giant robots against monsters, and I’m just gonna give the score of 5.9/10.


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