Logan (2017): A Satisfying Final Ride for Hugh Jackman

The movie official site is here.

Said to be the last movie for Hugh Jackman portraying Logan aka Wolverine after 17 years, Logan sets on 2029, where mutants seem to be killed off on a somewhat genocide of their kind. Retired and aged greatly since his self-healing ability has faltered, Logan (Hugh Jackman) is now working as a chauffeur to buy a prescription for the old and suffered for dementia Professor Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart). One day, a woman named Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez), a nurse who has been a keeper for an 11-years-old Laura (Dafne Keen), meets him and asks him to take Laura to a place called Eden on the border of Canada. Reluctantly accepts the job, Logan finds out that Gabriela is killed by The Reavers under Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and Laura actually a mutant that shares his genes, including his adamantium claws (she has it on her feet too!), indirectly being his daughter. After some strange experiences he shared with the little girl, he finally decides to take her to whatever-called-Eden.

9.2/10. Probably the most exciting and most complete superhero movie I’ve watched. I always enjoy superhero movies, no matter how shitty it is (I even enjoyed Batman vs Superman last year although I’ve sighed several times), but later too many superhero movies has sent me to my diminishing point of satisfaction. Thanks to this movie, my satisfaction point is now being upgraded. This movie is a complete superhero movie. It has both actions and emotions, all in the right amount. The R-rated given is just a perfect decision so this movie can give us the real thrills without neglecting the fact that mutants, like Logan and Xavier and later Laura, is still human after all. After 17 years watching a apathetic Logan with his superior healing ability, the time where his blood is poisoned, his healing ability is faltered and he finally finds something that makes him a human again has come. That something, or in this case someone, that makes him realized that there’s still heart behind his adamantium rib cage is an 11-years-old girl that looks and rages just like him.

This movie is nostalgic for me too. As I said before, this movie is so exciting. It almost feels like watching a western movie, a Clint Eastwood era, and combines it perfectly into an X-Men movie. I still can portray Logan and Xavier as two old and retired cowboys, finally found something that connects them with their once glorious life, and decided to take one last ride to fight for all they’re once fighting for. Sir Patrick Stewart is still charming, as an owner of the world’s once most powerful brain Professor Charles Xavier, who is now suffered for dementia and depends on medicines to avoid him from his psychic Parkinson disease. The rising star, Dafne Keen as Laura is a perfect nostalgic character to Logan’s glorious time as Wolverine. Within her cold and strangeness, she’s agile and deathly with her claws, a perfect little assassin. And Hugh Jackman can now finally retire with satisfaction from the character that he has inhabited for 17 years.

This movie is rated R, and as I said before, it’s a bloody and brutal movie, so don’t bring your under 17 years old children. And since this is a very good movie for me, I would probably consider a second time watching it if there somebody asks me to. Haha.


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