Doraemon: Nobita and The Birth of Japan (2016): Cute Answer to Your Longing for Doraemon

The official movie site, unfortunately in Japanese, is here.
Said to be the 36th movie in Doraemon franchise, this movie told us about Doraemon and Nobita (and of course Shizuka, Giant and Suneo) adventures to help a lost boy named Kukuru, who has transported through space and time from the Pleistocene era 70,000 years ago. Kukuru and his tribe were challenged by the Dark Tribe led by the powerful shaman called Gigazombie. In order to save Kukuru and his tribe, Doraemon should defeat Gigazombie, who turns out to be a villain from 23rd century who wants to claim the power and change the history forever.

7.2/10. So what do you expect from another Doraemon movie? Fun adventures? Check. You can laugh throughout the movie. I’m laughing, so if my weird sense of humor can see the hilarity of this movie, you must be able too. Cute animals? Nobita even hatched three legendary creatures: a pegasus, a dragon and a griffin, so it’s check. Cool gadgets? Whoa. This movie maybe has the most gadgets out of Doraemon’s pocket, so it’s check. Intense plot? Well, it’s a Doraemon movie, so you can imagine the typical plot: Doraemon and his gang help someone to beat their villain with Doraemon’s gadgets, the adventure begins and ends successfully with a little bit of emotional strike. This movie is not an exception to this point, which kind of boring to me. 

Nobita encounters another friend, this time named Kukuru, but unfortunately Kukuru is no match to the importance of Doraemon and the gang in this movie. We can barely see the development of Kukuru’s character, and the movie seems to try their hardest to shift our focus to Doraemon’s cool but excessively abundant gadgets. This movie is also trying to remind us about Nobita’s being attached with his pets, and this time, his bounds to his three legendary creatures are cute but somehow feel obsolete to me.

Overall, this is a kind of movie that could fulfill your longing to Doraemon adventures alongside his friends. This movie is fun to watch with your whole family, even with your toddlers.


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