John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017): A Delighful Sequel with Tired Plot

The official movie site is here.

John Wick: Chapter 2 opens with continuity of the prequel, where the legendary hitman that even the Boogeyman fears to John Wick (Keanu Reeves) tracks down his car to Russian chop shop, dispatches more than twenty men, and goes home with his car. Soon after, Wick is being visited by Santino D’Agostino (Riccardo Scamarcio), a crime lord who wants Wick to kill his own sister Gianna (Claudia Gerrini) and seize her crown to the top noted criminals of the world. Wick refuses, but after Santino blows his house on fire, he has no more choices other than accepting Santino’s will. He successfully killed Gianna, but Santino betrays him and put him into more dangerous situation where every assassin in New York is now hunting for his life. Wick is then asking the help of the beggar king The Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) to track down Santino. He then decides he must kill Santino to set himself free, knowing that killing him might put Wick on more and more dangerous situation.

8.2/10. I watched the first movie for Keanu Reeves, then fall in love with Wick’s cold persona that has sentimental side (if he doesn’t, who wants to kill people for a dog anyway?). The first movie has sent John Wick to become a promising franchise, like Fast n Furious’ cars’ engines or a-tinier-scale Jack Reacher. And when the sequel is released with the very promising premise, I will never miss it. I was not quite wrong for expecting that the sequel will, at least, equal the first movie. The sequel really did what a sequel used to do! This movie has more intense fightings, more blood and more brutal gunshots. Wick is still showing his expertise in martial arts, while also being an incredibly good shooter. This movie has also a better reasoning behind all the killings Wick did, and perfectly captures Mafia way on treating people who makes messes with them.

However, I also feel that this movie is tiring. It has good (if you have objection to refer it as “awesome”) actions and well-built character for our main hero, but lack of thoughtful story plot. For me, it feels like it ends, then it begins again with more dangerous situation, then it ends again, and it begins again more dangerously. I can’t even believe my eyes that it ends until the credit title rolls up. Moreover, the movie imposes like half of the people you meet on the street are assassins in disguise, or you can shoot at whomever you want to shoot without worrying that you will shoot an innocent civilian. Or you can sit still on a subway while there are two skilled people fighting each other with knives on their hands. This is unacceptable for me. 

Finally, John Wick: Chapter 2 is a good sequel, and there will be the second sequel on process. Please note that this movie is rated R so don’t bring your children to watch this.


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