Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016): Sweet Ending for The Most Successful Game Adaptation Movie Franchise

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The sixth (and said to be the very last) installment of Resident Evil movie franchise is telling the next story of Project Alice  (Milla Jovovich) after she leaves Raccoon City at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution  (2012). Alice is suddenly contacted by The Red Queen (Ever Gabo Anderson), an artificial intelligent created by Umbrella Corporation, that tells her the way to end the plague of T-virus. Alice must head to the headquarter of Umbrella Corporation to find antivirus and release it to the air before the last human civilization extinct from earth. On her way, she is caught by Dr. Alexander Isaacs (played by Game of Thrones’ Jorah Mormont Iain Glen), who actually stands behind the infection of the T-virus. She escapes and encounter her old friend Claire (Ali Larter). The two then manage a team to infiltrate Umbrella, while also being challenged by their old enemy Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts). At the end of the story, Alice finally finds out the reason why she can’t remember the past and learns her true identity.

8/10. Probably the most exciting installment of the franchise for me. The plot is enjoyable, not like the confusing prequels, or at least you can see that they are trying to build a plot that make sense for fans. You can enjoy the thrill from the start, how they build the emotion and the horror from the start, slowly raising up the tense until you are ready enough for the revelation at the ending. There’s not much battle with the zombies like the previous installments, but you can still get the goosebumps from the appearances of such metamorphosed zombie monsters. The ending is kinda lame, but it somehow completes the whole puzzle of the movie franchise and gives us the reason what is Alice fighting for from the beginning.

Milla Jovovich is still kicking asses as the fearless clone that fighting zombies, and again this movie is all about her, right? I can see many other characters along this movie franchise from the beginning until this very last chapter, and although it goes along with the game like Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, Claire Redfield etc., they are just a complementary characters for Alice. There’s still no story on how they ended, whether they survived or turned into zombies, nobody knows. However, if you have watched interviews with Jovovich in which she said that this movie will be the most terrifying installment, I’m telling you she’s not lying after all. 

And if the movie is the last installment of the franchise, well, I gotta say that they have made this franchise ends very sweet.


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