Ballerina (2016): More Like “Beware with the Way You Fight for Your Dream”

Since I can’t find their official movie site, here’s the Wikipedia page.

Ballerina (in some places released as Leap!) tells a story of Ballerina (of course, or should it be a story about a butcher? LOL) named Feliciė (Elle Fanning). Orphan and clueless, she is so passionate of being a dancer. Alongside her friend from orphanage, Victor (Dane DeHaan), Feliciė leaves the orphanage for Paris. Feliciė and Victor soon separated, where Victor becomes office boy for Gustave Eiffel and Feliciė makes her way to Paris Opera Ballet. Penniless and awkward, Feliciė meets Odette (Carly Rae Jepsen), a limp cleaning woman who works for Madame Le Haut (Julie Khaner). Feliciė soon encounters Le Haut’s daughter, the bratty Camille (Maddie Ziegler), and steal her identity to enter the Paris Opera Ballet so she can learn to dance. 

7.5/10. I think this animation is not purely dedicated for children, but merely to young teenagers. The story is as simple as many other animations, heartwarming and cute, but there you go, another formula of “a young girl who tries to achieve something in her life, accompanies by a male counterpart.” This movie is carefully placed for the young teenagers who is too bored for watching Moana (2016) but is not able to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016). There’s a slightly touch of satisfaction in me to watch an animation story about the character who fights for her dream rather than going on an adventure with other male counterpart and a distinct animal. This movie is giving us that feeling, unfortunately with greater consideration needed. Think about this: you have a dream, you are willing to fight for it and give your everything to make your dream come true, but in order to give it all, you have to steal someone else’s belonging to give you a chance of pursuing your dream. How can you explain it to your young children? This world is full of grey things like that but I believe you want your children to act honest in every step they make in pursuing their dreams, right? So before watching this movie, think about my question and how you answer it.

The soundtracks are awesome and empowering. Forget Lin Manuel Miranda’s brilliant composition for Moana, this movie has a better touch of empowering soundtrack with Demi Lovato and Chantal Kreviazuk. However, the rest of the casts are okay, but I have an issue for Elle Fanning. I don’t think she is the right person to voice Feliciė. She sounds stiff, doesn’t represent Feliciė’s bright character at all. I think Maddie Ziegler’s Camille has better characterization than Fanning’s Feliciė. 

So? Have you answered my question? Now go watch this movie with your young ones!


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