La La Land (2016): Living American Dreams with Entertaining Scenes

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La La Land is a story about an actress wannabe, Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) who accidentally meets and keeps on meeting a passionate jazz musician Sebastian (don’t know his last name, played by Ryan Gosling). The story then rolls up on Mia and Sebastian cute love story and their journey on living their own dreams. 

9.4/10. This is, so far for me, probably the most entertaining movie in 2016. Though it feels like soooooooo American, like “you can dream whatever you want to dream about and if you keep believing then someday you’ll get there” statement, I still feel happy with the bright and colorful scenes, Emma Stone’s nice dresses and Ryan Gosling’s jazz plays. The story is actually quite average, with the strong message that you should keep believing your dream, but so many elements seems to be beautifully composed into one complete movie. As I talked before, the story, the soundtrack (City of Stars could be your lullaby for these days aftet you watched it), the costumes and the contrast of the scenes can make you feel happy immediately. Haha. Oh, this is also the story for you who loves jazz, I probably do though I’d like to enjoy every genre of music, that Ryan tells and shows his passions about the arrangement of Jazz that would still wow you everytime you listen to it.

I would give this movie a perfect 10 if it’s not because of three things. First, though I love Emma Stone, she has perfect figure and seems to be a very nice person on screen, I’d prefer to see actors who can really sing. Maybe the idea of musical movie is not quite marketable as Emma noted on her Golden Globe’s speech that the idea of this movie is a “crazy notion”, but think again about Disney movie or the classic Singing in the Rain that Director Chazelle said to be one of his inspiration. They all casted person who can sing, and it still be good movies. So while I love Emma and Ryan’s effort to make their dance and their sings real to us, I still prefer the real musician. Second, I don’t think they give us a proper explanation about Mia’s dream. They gave us a passionate Sebastian with all his bla bla bla about jazz and his music, but we just have a story about an aunt of Mia that inspires her to be an actress. They even don’t let us see Mia’s monologue, that I think should be a huge step for her career. So all we see in Mia is a barista at coffee shop who keeps failed her audition, then she wrote some bla bla bla monologue, and suddenly a fine director calls her and asks her on an audition. Well, if you are trying to make people believe in their own dreams, you should probably tell us more how Mia achieves it. Third, I hate the ending. HATE! I think I could leave the cinema with happy feeling all over me but then the ending left a little anger in me. Haha.

So, if you are asking me how I feel after watching this movie, I can say my feeling is mixed. I’m happy, and being inspired to chase upon my passion. However, I still think that if they put a little effort in telling us more about Mia, that should be perfect.


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