Arrival (2016): Joining the Sci-fi Trends with Adams’ Stellar Performance

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Arrival is a story about the sudden encounter of 12 extraterrestrial spaceships on 12 spots of the world. On the US site near Montana, US military, led by Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker), is trying to communicate with the aliens about their purpose on earth. Weber then asks Dr Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a well-known language professor, and Dr Ian Donelly (Jeremy Renner), a theoretical physicist, to assist them in deciphering the way the aliens communicate. The more Louise and Ian trying to communicate with the two aliens, two heptapods they called Abbott and Costello, the more often Louise dream about her daughter Hannah. As they are close enough to understand the heptapod’s languange, they ask for the purpose of the heptapods encounter to earth. The heptapods answer “offer weapon”. The answer seems to make everyone panick, and China suddenly declare war to the aliens, followed by other countries. Louise thinks she must crack the real meaning of the answer before there is war of the worlds.

8.1/10. I don’t always understand sci-fi drama like this, you know, and everytime I get out of the cinema after watching one, I always have millions unanswered questions. However, this movie for me is enjoyable. Not a brilliant one, but enjoyable enough for simple girl like me. Besides, comparing Arrival to Nolan’s Interstellar (2014) could become an insult to Interstellar itself. Haha.

Hollywood, on their latest day, has trend of creating movie about space traveling, try to explain science of the galaxy and put little drama on it. Joining the trend of space sci-fi drama, after Gravity (2013), Interstellar (2014) and The Martian (2015), here comes Arrival. As I said before, this movie is enjoyable, even if you’re not a science freak. You can still understand the beauty of the storyline, the tense when Louise try to decipher the language while dream about her lost daughter, and feel that they are not even trying to force the romance between Louise and Ian. Please pay attention to every detail of the story, and you will discover that the storyline is actually so beautiful and it explains why we keep watching Louise’s dreams about her daugher.

So, if you are into science fiction movie, watch this movie but please don’t compare it to other sci-fi movies. After all, Amy Adams’ Golden Globe nomination feels like it is a proper way to honor her stellar performance here 


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