Allied (2016)

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Allied is a latest movie from Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump (1994), Cast Away (2000), Flight (2012)) that tells the story of Canadian Wing commander Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) with the background of WWII warfare. One day, he is sent to Casablanca to kill German Ambassador in Casablanca, Morocco. He is covered as a French native phosphate miner named Maurice Bener, and assisted by a beautiful and smart French resistance fighter, Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard), that acted as his wife, Christine. To simplify all, they finally successfully kills the German Ambassador, fall in love with each other, and Max brings Marianne to London and marries her. Max commutes to office work while Marianne stays at home with their infant daughter Anna. Their life would be perfect if there is no suspicion that Marianne is actually German spy. Max denies it, defends his wife position, but his superior orders him to send a bait message to prove if Marianne is a spy or not. Full of doubt, Max has no choice but to follow the order while trying to get information about Marianne himself. 

7.5/10. At first, I was thinking that this movie reminds me of the classic Casablanca  (1942). The city, two people in love, mentionin Paris, and well, it just made me feel like deja vu. The first scene where Max Vatan is landing to Moroccan desert with parachutes would probably make James Bond jealous.The rest is the plot. Robert Zemeckis, for me, is always making the smart move for his movies, and this movie is no exception. The plot is, well, after you watch some gruesome views of WWII movies, later maybe with Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, this movie is satisfyingly beautiful. It’s woven with fine structure that will make you keep guessing on what would happen next, wait patiently for the climax like you have itch and promise yourself you will not leave your seat until the end, and finally kick you with tearful ending. The scene, the views of every scenes, and mostly the fashion wore by Mr. Pitt and Ms. Cotillard will trap you in thinking that you want to make your next dress as vintage as theirs! Haha.

Now we get into the bad news.Zemeckis, again, is popular with getting the best of his actor and this movie is not exception too. Brad Pitt is fine as Max Vatan, cold, trim and well-built commander at work but also a loving husband and father at home. You can almost understand all his emotion here, from loving to angry, to the heartbroken and devastated man at the ending scene. Marion Cotillard is brilliant as Marianne Beausejour, beautiful, stylish, seducing and drives the moods all over the movie. However, their charisma seems to overcome with one another. They were lack of chemistry, so cold for a supposed-to-be-passionate lover, and mostly feels like they were just acting to finish the movie. I don’t know their lack of chemistry is due to avert the rumor of being together and leads to Angelina Jolie’s file for divorce, or maybe they were just not getting the chemistry with each other. 

Oh. This movie is rated R in Indonesia due to sex scenes and gruesome violences. So, please don’t bring your child and teenage under 17 years old tp watch this movie. 


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