The Accountant (2016)

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The Accountant is a story of an autistic accountant, precisely forensic accountant (of course, or else you’re expecting the story of, let’s say, engineer?), under the pseudonym of Christian Wolff (or even Carl Gauss, Lewis Carroll and maybe other divine mathematicians, played by our current Batman Ben Affleck) who sometimes works to clean up financial messes of criminal syndicates, mobs, drug dealers, you name it. His associations with several dangerous criminal lords have made him become number one mysterious target of Ministry of Finance agents, led by Director Raymond King (JK Simmons) and his beautiful apprentice Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson). One day, Wolff is hired by Lamar Blackburn (John Lithgow), CEO of Living Robotics, to do the forensic audit of his late years discrepancies that have been found by junior cost accountant Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick). As Wolff discovers the motives behind the fraud, he realizes his life and Cummings’ life are in danger, and he starts to fight back.

7.1/10. Honestly I actually watched this movie since I consider myself as an accountant. And I was totally wrong. This movie is not as simple as the boring life as an accountant  (yes, it’s boring. I’m starting to think of another career though haha). This movie is a mix of family drama, dry comedy, actions and thriller, and there’s just a little touch of financial terms. If you think you are gonna confused with all that accounting terms like financial statements, assets, general ledgers, inventories etc., you are terribly wrong. The most confusing part is not related to any of accounting terms. I think they are considering the movie as a beginning of a franchise, since they put so many background details of the characters, and in my opinion, The Accountant would be a more promising franchise other than Affleck’s another movie franchise, for let’s say, Batman v Superman. However, too many flashbacks left us with so many puzzling stories that ended up confusing to the viewers.

So, this is my conclusion: The Accountant have touching family drama (I think the last fight of the Wolffs should be more emotional), quite thrilling action scenes, with poor deductions of the real big story. They should make bigger portion and greater attention how Wolff discover the fraud and how the fraud could make an impact to Living Robotics so maybe if the fraud was blowed up, it would be the end of the company. They should give us reasonable basic on why Blackburn wants to kill both Wolff and Cummings since they know about the fraud. And maybe instead of trying to kill Blackburn for his attempts of murders to Wolff and Cummings, their escape and fight to blow up the fraud to the authority would be a more interesting story.

So, lanjutkan saja, tidak apa apa, right?


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