Storks (2016)

Storks (2016)

You can check their official website here. Thank you.

Storks is an animated movie about Cornerstone storks (I know, what do you expect? Haha) that stopped delivering babies and chose to …… deliver package (kinda lame, huh?) Their sole reason why they stopped delivering babies is Jasper (Danny Trejo) became possessive of his last package and made the package lost its destination, and later grew up to the only human working in Cornerstone, Tulip (Katie Crown). Tulip’s sloppiness irritates Cornerstone’s current CEO, Hunter (Kelsey Krammer), who later assigns Junior (Andy Samberg), to get rid of Tulip in order to become his successor. Junior then assigns Tulip in Letter Sorting Department, expecting she would never appear in main department again. Somehow, a letter from hopeless boy Nate Gardner (Anton Starkman), changes everything. Tulip reenacts the baby making machine, and along with Junior, she has to deliver the baby to the Gardners.

7.3/10. The animation is cute, the babies are SO ADORABLE, but they lacked in plotting the story and sending the message. A truly good animation movie is a combination of strong plot, cute animation, enjoyable soundtrack and clear message for all their young audiences. And this movie, again, is failed in plotting the story and sending the message. I mean, come on, how can a couple of stork and human meet a pack of wolves at one time, and face the backbitinb colleagues at the other time? There’s so many bad people in one animated movie that you just cannot decide who the main villain is! The pack of wolves is cute and creative (they can be anything, literally ANYTHING!!), maybe the only humorous characters in this movie, but why should create them if you were implying that the storks themselves is their true enemy? This is confusing for me, and surely confusing for kids too.

And what’s the message behind this movie? That parents should spend their time with their kids instead of being busy all the time with their works? Or maybe we should embrace our true fate and stick to the reason why God created us in this world? I don’t have any idea. Please hint me. Or maybe their true message is that we should not expect too much from this movie, haha.

Anyway, if you are searching for an ease from your cruel world, or from your killing work routines, or just need a movie to be watched with your kids, this movie could be an option. Please just don’t expect too much.


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