Deepwater Horizon (2016)

You can check their official website here.
Deepwater Horizon tells us the story behind the Largest Man-Made Disaster, Deepwater Horizon Explosion and oil spill, on 2010. The main story is telling how Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg), Chief Engineering at Deepwater, heroically tried to save all the Deepwater’s crews, including his Offshore Installation Manager James “Mr. Jimmy” Harrell (Kurt Russell), crews Andrea Fleytas (Gina Rodriguez), Caleb Holloway (Dylan O’Brien), Jason Anderson (Ethan Suplee) and many more. The incident itself killed 11 rig’s crews including those on drilling department.

8.4/10. I read the incident first as one of the assignments for my Corporate Ethics lecture on my postgraduate school, and decided to watch this movie right after the trailer was launched. I don’t know how to expect, as the based-on-true-event movies usually ended up being so damn good or fall inexcusably. However, this movie is good. Not so good, but okay. They build the plot carefully, try to capture every single fact of the incident, without forget to add the sense of thrilling since this is an action movie. Their dramatization of the incident is not too excessive, but I think they need to broaden the camera shooting angle so audience can see the whole situation and thrill more. After so many dangerous and exploding (literally) scenes, I think they are going to give us a back-to-the-beginning ending (since they start the movie with the interview with Mike Williams, so I thought there’s going to be a full interview at the ending), but the movie just end. No interview, no continuity, big turn off for me.

Mark Wahlberg is just okay, just like he used to be. Kate Hudson could be more emotional, but the one that I feel disturbing is Gina Rodriguez. I don’t think she got the proper portion here, or maybe just not a proper script, because I see she is soooooo bland, stiff, and Gosh, I just wished to see other actress than her.

Finally, after read the full coverage of news about the incident and watch this movie, we should really learn something.


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