The Magnificent Seven (2016)

And the wikipedia page is here. I couldn’t find any official website so hopefully the wikipedia page is enough.

Ok, where should I start? This remake tells us about the citizen of Rose Creek, represented mostly by Emma Cullen (Haley Bennett) whose husband (Matt Bomer, just appear to be dead in the next scene) being killed by greedy industrialist Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), fighting for their hometown. The citizen of Rose Creek later is being helped by duly sworn warrant officer a.k.a bounty hunter Sam Chisholm (my fave Denzel Washington), and his six companion: gambler Josh Faraday (Chris Pratt), Civil War sharpshooter veteran Goodnight “Goody” Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke), Goody’s knife expert friend Billy Rocks (Lee Byung-hun, the only Korean actor I recognize all this time), a legendary religious tracker Jack Horne (Vincent D’Onofrio), a vigilant outlaw Vazquez  (Manuel Garcia Rulfo) and Comanche warrior and traveler Red Harvest (Martin Sensmeier).

6.8/10. I usually don’t like remakes, and this remake is just so-so, waste of resourceful talents, and failed in giving us tastes to every single character. Forget Denzel, he’s just being Denzel as usual, driving all the moods of the movie by himself. We will talk about Chris Pratt’s Josh Faraday and Ethan Hawke’s Goodnight Robicheaux. Josh Faraday is another version of Vin Tanner (play by Steve McQueen in the 1960’s Magnificent Seven), and guess what, I feel that Pratt has just returned to his stereotype of playful, happy-go-lucky young man since Parks and Recreation (2009) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). Hawke’s Goody is worse. Goody is supposed to be traumatic since his killing experiences in Civil War, but instead of giving us the chill and the feel, Goody looked like a terrible coward who runs before the fight, only to be returned at the middle of the fight and then being killed. At first, I was expecting that Goody might be the last hope that would help the others crushing Bogue’s army, but well, maybe I was expecting too much. And the fact that Chisholm held old vengeance against Bogue feels like just being told without any feelings.

And you kno what’s the worst for me? This movie was scored by the legendary James Horner, and continued by Simon Franglen after Horner’s death. Horner and Franglem has made the film score more dramatic with full orchestra, but the only full score I heard is just before the credit title. Come on, we all know THAT Magnificent Seven’s popular score, and we need to hear it more often than this!

The only thing good for this movie is the fact that Antoine Fuqua the director includes so many races in the casts, make it more believable of post-Civil War era. We can see black cowboys, riding along with white cowboys, asian and also Indians. 

This movie is PG-13 rating, and full of killing scenes. We only need Quentin Tarantino to make this movie more bloody. Please be wise in allowing your children to watch this. 


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