The BFG (2016)

The official movie website is here.

The BFG is based on Roald Dahl’s children story with the same name. The movie itself told us about an orphaned girl named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) who accidentally encountered a giant (Mark Rylance), later she called her BFG -acronym of Big Friendly Giant-, whose job is catching dream balls, mixing it up and delivering it to people every night. Despite of his intimidating appearance, the BFG turns out to be bullied by other giants, who are bigger than him.

6.9/10. I found this movie interesting, not in a very good way, but in term of confusing. I expected quite too much since Roald Dahl’s story is usually dark, magical and deep, but this movie somehow, seems to lose it all. I agree that the editing job is FLAWLESSLY AWESOME, since you surely cannot found any glitch in frictions between the real character (Sophie) and the CGIs (BFG and his giant fellas). On this, you can be sure since this movie is a colaboration between Disney and Steven Spielberg. You know how it sounds. However, this movie is quite confusing for me too. The plot is not quite make sense. How can you be so calm while kidnapped by a giant? Even if you know the giant is friendly enough, you should be more intimidated and scared. Meanwhile, Sophie is used to be a curious and smart girl, for example, but she turns to be the most disturbing element IMO. Her repeated Bee-Ef-Gee calling is so boring, and she should show more emotions too, instead of being so stiff and trying so hard to look smart but failed successfully. 


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