The Nice Guys (2016)

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8/10. Honestly, the main reason why I watch this movie is Russell Crowe. I love him, the way he acts, though he looks terribly different from the Gladiator era. And this movie is surprisingly good and funny (not hilarious) at some points. I love how they create the atmosphere for the 1970s era, it looks better than some movies that tried so hard to bring back the touch of 70s but end up mistakenly bland like Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows (2012). I love the chemistry of the characters. I always underestimate the police duet comedy, like the overrated 21 Jump Street (2012);and its sequels, or the recent The Rock and Kevin Hart’s Central Intelligence (2016), but Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe were surprisingly blended on screen together. Their chemistry, along with their chemistry with the talented and beautiful Angourie Rice (who plays Gosling’s daughter), successfully built up the entire feelings of this movie. Sadly, the plot is pretty confusing. Kim Bassinger looks too plain in playing the main villain, and Margaret Qualley’s Amelia maybe could be more calm and sophisticated as the main key character in the case, instead of being too emotional and ruin her own character.

However, you can laugh throughout the movie, mostly because March’s drinking problem, Healy’s killer instinct or their luck in cracking the case. Seriously, they are INSANELY lucky and that’s the funniest thing about this movie. One thing for sure, there’s a lot of adult contents in this movie, Gosling is swearing all the time, Crowe is killing and punching everybody and the women are wearing sexy dresses, or even topless and nude. Don’t bring your child when you’re watching this movie!

Thank you. See you in my next review!


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