The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

More info click here. Thank you :mrgreen:

8/10. An enjoyable movies, very well-paced animation with brilliantly casted voice actors, although they maybe need a better soundtrack. I always enjoy animation with cute characters, lovable stories and a little touch of thrills. And this movie serves it all, plus it’s hilarious! I love the thrills, it’s maybe way to fast for children but well-paced for me. I love the way they develop characters, fairly thoughtful for every single character and their identified features, and way they cast the actors to voice them. Somehow I thought the voice actors are brilliantly chosen, they fit into their characters and give us a believable character, not just an animation who talks. I love how they mixed up the plot, not just focusing on the main characters but also developing the back story of the sidekick and the other characters too. And finally I love how they create values for families to love their pets.

Finally, the message I got after watching this movie is, just DON’T underestimate people. You just don’t get the idea what they probably might do to you. Just don’t judge a pet by their looks, because somehow, maybe your cute little pet is a gang leader of outlaw animals out there, or a metal head, or maybe would just slap you to make you love them. See you, and love your pets! 😘

Ps. Just wait until the final credit. It’s hilarious too!


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