Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad Wikipedia page is here.

8.0/10. I actually caught between the hype of the trailer and the not-so-good reviews everywhere. However, this movie, despite of its totally pointless and useless slow motions, is quite good for me! Its ensemble casts, though they don’t really look like bad guys, played their role enthusiastically. The actions were good, again, too many disturbing slow motions. The CGIs is just so-so, not a wow factor, and the best part of this movie is THE SOUNDTRACK! Perfect songs put on perfect timing. Actually for me, the soundtracks drives the mood.

Joel Kinnaman is hot as usual, add hot daddy Will Smith. I always love Viola Davis, maybe I could be as cool as her being civil servant. Cara Delevigne needs to slim her waist. Haha. And Margot Robbie again steals the stage! 


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