The Nice Guys (2016)

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8/10. Honestly, the main reason why I watch this movie is Russell Crowe. I love him, the way he acts, though he looks terribly different from the Gladiator era. And this movie is surprisingly good and funny (not hilarious) at some points. I love how they create the atmosphere for the 1970s era, it looks better than some movies that tried so hard to bring back the touch of 70s but end up mistakenly bland like Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows (2012). I love the chemistry of the characters. I always underestimate the police duet comedy, like the overrated 21 Jump Street (2012);and its sequels, or the recent The Rock and Kevin Hart’s Central Intelligence (2016), but Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe were surprisingly blended on screen together. Their chemistry, along with their chemistry with the talented and beautiful Angourie Rice (who plays Gosling’s daughter), successfully built up the entire feelings of this movie. Sadly, the plot is pretty confusing. Kim Bassinger looks too plain in playing the main villain, and Margaret Qualley’s Amelia maybe could be more calm and sophisticated as the main key character in the case, instead of being too emotional and ruin her own character.

However, you can laugh throughout the movie, mostly because March’s drinking problem, Healy’s killer instinct or their luck in cracking the case. Seriously, they are INSANELY lucky and that’s the funniest thing about this movie. One thing for sure, there’s a lot of adult contents in this movie, Gosling is swearing all the time, Crowe is killing and punching everybody and the women are wearing sexy dresses, or even topless and nude. Don’t bring your child when you’re watching this movie!

Thank you. See you in my next review!


The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

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8/10. An enjoyable movies, very well-paced animation with brilliantly casted voice actors, although they maybe need a better soundtrack. I always enjoy animation with cute characters, lovable stories and a little touch of thrills. And this movie serves it all, plus it’s hilarious! I love the thrills, it’s maybe way to fast for children but well-paced for me. I love the way they develop characters, fairly thoughtful for every single character and their identified features, and way they cast the actors to voice them. Somehow I thought the voice actors are brilliantly chosen, they fit into their characters and give us a believable character, not just an animation who talks. I love how they mixed up the plot, not just focusing on the main characters but also developing the back story of the sidekick and the other characters too. And finally I love how they create values for families to love their pets.

Finally, the message I got after watching this movie is, just DON’T underestimate people. You just don’t get the idea what they probably might do to you. Just don’t judge a pet by their looks, because somehow, maybe your cute little pet is a gang leader of outlaw animals out there, or a metal head, or maybe would just slap you to make you love them. See you, and love your pets! 😘

Ps. Just wait until the final credit. It’s hilarious too!

Alice: Through The Looking Glass (2016)

Please accept my apologies. This movie has just released in Indonesia recently, so while maybe the whole world have watched it, I just watched it last Friday and due to my damn schedule, I just got the time to post my review now. The wikipedia is here. Thank you.

6.5/10. Alice is back again to Wonderland. This time, she has a looking glass as her portal, not just a rabbit hole as you always know. I actually have waited for this movie enthusiastically, thought that Tim Burton would give me back the thrills that his 2010 version brought me, but I was totally wrong. I didn’t refer to it’s awesomely built Wonderland, it is as awesome as its predecessor, but somehow I feel like this movie is draining my excitement. The Wonderland is stunning as always, but I feel the casts cannot live up to the classic character again. Mia Wasikowska looked too tired in portraying Alice Kingsleigh,  and Johnny Depp, after his scandalous marriage, felt dry in his Mad Hatter character. Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter are reprising their role as The White and Red Queen, and I did hope that their love and hate relationship will end up as sweet as Elsa and Anna in Frozen (2013) since Disney has the trend in bringing the family love in their movie, but I ended up disappointing. Their relationship gets better, indeed, but it doesn’t feel like that. It just feels dried, not touching, not convincing enough, just dried. I also almost got excitement again in seeing Sacha Baron Cohen as The Time, looking forward for his unique performance, which finally felt lack of his golden touch.

The only thing good beside the stunning Wonderland in this movie is the soundtrack. I don’t know. I always love P!nk, and her song is one of my reason why I want to watch this movie.

Suicide Squad (2016)

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8.0/10. I actually caught between the hype of the trailer and the not-so-good reviews everywhere. However, this movie, despite of its totally pointless and useless slow motions, is quite good for me! Its ensemble casts, though they don’t really look like bad guys, played their role enthusiastically. The actions were good, again, too many disturbing slow motions. The CGIs is just so-so, not a wow factor, and the best part of this movie is THE SOUNDTRACK! Perfect songs put on perfect timing. Actually for me, the soundtracks drives the mood.

Joel Kinnaman is hot as usual, add hot daddy Will Smith. I always love Viola Davis, maybe I could be as cool as her being civil servant. Cara Delevigne needs to slim her waist. Haha. And Margot Robbie again steals the stage!