Jason Bourne (2016)

As usual, you can check the wikipedia page about the movie here.

9/10. What do you expect when you see an action thriller movie? Me, I expect good cinematography, brilliant sountrack and intensity of every scenes. And THIS MOVIE HAS IT ALL! I love how the camera brings on more intense cinematic shoots rather than puts too many CGIs. I love how they mix intelligence and technology together into an action movie. And most of all, I love they give us Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne rather than give another substitute actor like Jeremy Renner on The Bourne Legacy. It’s not I don’t love Jeremy Renner, but having a different cast while you are used to see an actor as the titular role can give us different expectations.

Julia Stiles will end her part in this movie, but we have the talented Alicia Vikander as substitute. I always love Alicia, from her Danish Girl until her Ex-Machina, but in this movie, I can feel the confusion on her role. It feels like they have not decided her part, as an  antiheroine or a villain.


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