Star Trek Beyond (2016)

You can read the wikipedia page about this movie on Star Trek Beyond

8.7/10. The movie is interestingly impressive with lots of sci-fi touches, beautiful CGIs and blockbuster actions. I always love the bromances between Chris Pine’s Jim Kirk, Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Karl Urban’s Leonard “Bones” McCoy. For me, their boyish interactions made this movie becomes so humanly alive, showing us how strong the friendship of the USS Enterprise are. I love the character of Jalyah (portrayed by Sofia Boutella), who looks like purely white Star Wars’ Rey but with stronger build. I also love how they make connections between this movie and the previous movies, the original series. However, Justin Lin’s directional takeover from JJ Abrams left one homework for the franchises. The script for the main villain, Krall (portrayed by The Sexy Idris Elba), are so bad compared to previous villain like Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan (who feels like dramatic terrorist) and making Krall feels hollowed, lack of intensity and less terrifying. 

Anyway, Indonesian people who wants to see Joe Taslim’s Manas should be both disappointing and satisfying. Joe shared so many scenes with Idris Elba, which is good, but somehow you cannot see his real face due to his heavy make up. 


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