Jason Bourne (2016)

As usual, you can check the wikipedia page about the movie here.

9/10. What do you expect when you see an action thriller movie? Me, I expect good cinematography, brilliant sountrack and intensity of every scenes. And THIS MOVIE HAS IT ALL! I love how the camera brings on more intense cinematic shoots rather than puts too many CGIs. I love how they mix intelligence and technology together into an action movie. And most of all, I love they give us Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne rather than give another substitute actor like Jeremy Renner on The Bourne Legacy. It’s not I don’t love Jeremy Renner, but having a different cast while you are used to see an actor as the titular role can give us different expectations.

Julia Stiles will end her part in this movie, but we have the talented Alicia Vikander as substitute. I always love Alicia, from her Danish Girl until her Ex-Machina, but in this movie, I can feel the confusion on her role. It feels like they have not decided her part, as an  antiheroine or a villain.


Mr. Holmes (2015)

You can read the wikipedia page about the movie here.

9/10. I cried when I watched this movie. This movie is sooooo well-crafted, thoughtful and delighted, while also being lack of Sherlock Holmes’ thrill. There’s a lot of things that will bring the memories of the case being solved by our beloved private investigator, for some he said being exaggerated by Dr. Watson. The saddest part of this movie was to know that the world most well-known detective was suffered from Alzheimer in his old and lonely days, out of this world as part of his punishment to himself for failing to solve his last case. 

McKellen is dramatically brilliant, while other casts like Laura Linney and Milo Parker were also out of his shadow and stand their own characters. 

Ghostbusters (2016)

I don’t always go for a remake. However, this one caught my eye because I somehow, love Melissa McCarthy. You can read the movie’s wikipedia page here.

7.5/10. Not fully a remake, this movie is called the Third Installments of the Ghostbusters series. If you were underestimated this movie for its all-female casts, well, I tell you, the casts were surprisingly marvelous. I mean, the casts are fresh, with new characters and new feelings, although their chemistry were not excellent, but still, it works! Their humors are smart, not hilarious for me but still, it stands out and entertaining. This movie is trying to give us nostalgic feelings with brings out Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver, but my best time were when I see Slimmer and Marshmallow Man on screens! OMG, they brought my feelings back when I watched The 1980s Ghostbusters movies! 

For me, despite of its epic failure of giving us the excitement like the previous installments, this movie however are entertaining and fun to watch. Not to mention you have to see Chris Hemsworth’s awkward moments! Trust me, his actings will make you rethink about your standard of ideal man. Haha.

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

You can read the wikipedia page about this movie on Star Trek Beyond

8.7/10. The movie is interestingly impressive with lots of sci-fi touches, beautiful CGIs and blockbuster actions. I always love the bromances between Chris Pine’s Jim Kirk, Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Karl Urban’s Leonard “Bones” McCoy. For me, their boyish interactions made this movie becomes so humanly alive, showing us how strong the friendship of the USS Enterprise are. I love the character of Jalyah (portrayed by Sofia Boutella), who looks like purely white Star Wars’ Rey but with stronger build. I also love how they make connections between this movie and the previous movies, the original series. However, Justin Lin’s directional takeover from JJ Abrams left one homework for the franchises. The script for the main villain, Krall (portrayed by The Sexy Idris Elba), are so bad compared to previous villain like Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan (who feels like dramatic terrorist) and making Krall feels hollowed, lack of intensity and less terrifying. 

Anyway, Indonesian people who wants to see Joe Taslim’s Manas should be both disappointing and satisfying. Joe shared so many scenes with Idris Elba, which is good, but somehow you cannot see his real face due to his heavy make up.